8 Tips for Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

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Cavoodles are intelligent and active dogs that thrive on mental stimulation and enrichment. Engaging their minds with various activities not only keeps them entertained but also helps prevent boredom, destructive behaviors, and anxiety.

So in this article, we’ll explore effective strategies to keep your Cavoodle mentally stimulated, promoting their overall well-being and happiness.

Interactive Toys

Invest in interactive toys that challenge your Cavoodle’s problem-solving skills and keep them engaged.

When she was younger, Little Miss Polly loved the toys that dispensed treats, she would go crazy trying to figure out how to access hidden treats. They also provided hours of entertainment!

These types of toys provide mental stimulation and encourage your Cavoodle to use their cognitive abilities while having fun.

Training and Obedience Exercises

Cavoodle regular training and obedience exercises are not only beneficial for teaching your Cavoodle new skills but also provide mental stimulation. Engage in short training sessions throughout the day, practicing commands, tricks, and agility exercises. This helps your Cavoodle use their brain, learn new things, and build a stronger bond with you.

My sister taught our daughter how to clicker train Polly. It was such a good skill for our daughter to learn and it provided bonding time with Polly.

She was also obsessed with setting up Cavoodle jump courses (like showjumping for horses) in the yard using brooms, buckets and whatever she could find. We were amazed at how high Polly could jump. They both loved it!

Scent Work

It surprises us how good a scent Little Miss Polly has 😅 we can open a tin a tuna when she’s in another room and she’ll come running.

So yes, Cavoodles have an excellent sense of smell, making scent work activities ideal for mental stimulation. Hide treats or toys around the house or in your backyard and encourage your Cavoodle to use its nose to find them.

Regular Exercise and Playtime

Physical exercise is essential for Cavoodles, well most dogs really. Regular walks, plays in the park or just play in general will help to keep their minds active and stimulated therefore preventing boredom.

Rotating Toys and Environments

To prevent your Cavoodle from becoming bored with their toys, rotate them regularly. Introduce new toys and remove others for a while, then swap them back later. This keeps their toy collection fresh and exciting. Additionally, change their environment by taking them on different walking routes, visiting new parks, or arranging playdates with other dogs.

Polly is a very social dog so she loves any chance to play with other dogs, big or small!

Quality Bonding Time

Spend quality one-on-one time with your Cavoodle, engaging in activities that strengthen your bond. Give them plenty of affection, massages, and gentle grooming sessions. Incorporate interactive play, such as fetch or tug-of-war, to foster a strong connection while providing mental stimulation.


Keeping your Cavoodle mentally stimulated is crucial for their overall well-being. Incorporate interactive toys, training exercises, scent work, food-dispensing toys, regular exercise and playtime, rotating toys and environments, and quality bonding time into their daily routine. By engaging their minds and providing stimulating activities, you’ll ensure your Cavoodle remains happy, healthy, and intellectually engaged.


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