A Guide to Toilet Training Your Cavoodle

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Toilet training is a big part of welcoming a new Cavoodle into your home. Teaching your Cavoodle to pee and poop in the appropriate place not only keeps your living space clean but also establishes good habits for their long-term well-being. While the process may require patience and consistency, with the right approach, you can successfully toilet-train your Cavoodle.

So in this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to making toilet training a positive experience for both you and your furry friend 😊


Establish a Routine

Consistency is KEY when toilet training your Cavoodle. Establish a regular schedule for feeding, playtime, and bathroom breaks. Take your Cavoodle outside to the designated area after waking up, after meals, and before bedtime. This routine helps them develop a predictable bathroom schedule and reduces the likelihood of accidents indoors.


Choose a Designated Area

Select a specific spot in your yard where you want your Cavoodle to do their biz. Take them to this spot consistently, using a verbal cue. To this very day, we still use, “Polly do wee”. The familiarity of the location and the cue will help them understand where they should be eliminated.


Use Positive Reinforcement

In the early days, reward your Cavoodle with praise, treats, or a combination of both immediately after they go into the appropriate area. Positive reinforcement creates a positive association, encouraging them to repeat the behavior. Be consistent with rewards and offer them immediately after they finish.


Supervise and Limit Freedom

During the early stages of toilet training, it’s crucial to supervise your Cavoodle closely. Keep them within sight where you can actively supervise them. Gradually increase their freedom as they demonstrate consistent toilet training progress.


Learn the Signs

Pay close attention to your Cavoodle’s behavior, separation anxiety, and body language to recognize when they need to go. Polly is very good at telling us when she needs to go. Common signs include restlessness, circling, sniffing the ground, or heading toward the door. When you notice these signs, quickly take them to the designated area.


Prevent Accidents

Accidents can happen (we’ve experienced it heaps of times), especially during the early stages of toilet training. If you catch your Cavoodle in the act of eliminating indoors, interrupt them with a firm but gentle “no” and immediately take them outside to the designated area. Avoid scolding or punishment, as this can create fear or confusion.


Consistent Cleanup

This was never fun but when accidents did happen, we made sure to get onto it straight away. Not only for cleaning purposes but to eliminate odors that may attract your Cavoodle back to the same spot!

It will depend on the type of flooring and what cleaner you use. There are cleaners specifically designed to eliminate pet odors but you need to make sure it’s okay to use on whatever surface you have e.g. carpet.


Be Patient and Persistent

Remember that toilet training takes time and patience. Your Cavoodle may have occasional setbacks or accidents, especially during the learning process. Stay consistent with the routine, reinforce positive behavior, and remain patient throughout the training journey.



Toilet training your Cavoodle is an essential step toward maintaining a cavoodle in a clean and harmonious living environment. By establishing a routine, choosing a designated area, using positive reinforcement, supervising and limiting freedom, learning your Cavoodle’s signs, preventing accidents, consistent cleanup, and maintaining patience and persistence, you can successfully toilet train your Cavoodle.

Remember, every dog learns at their own pace, so be flexible and adjust your approach as needed. With time and consistency, your Cavoodle will develop good toilet habits.

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