How Big Does a Cavoodle Grow?

Healthy Life for Your Cavoodle

If you’re considering adding a Cavoodle to your family, it’s worth understanding their size. These very charming and affectionate hybrid dogs – a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, come in various sizes, each with its unique appeal.

So in this article, we’ll delve into the different Cavoodle sizes and what you can expect as your furry companion grows.

Cavoodle Sizes

Toy Cavoodle

The smallest of the Cavoodle sizes, the Toy Cavoodle, typically weighs between 2.3 to 5.4 kgs (5 to 12 pounds) and stands around 23 to 30 centimeters (9 to 12 inches) tall at the shoulder. These pint-sized pups are perfect for apartment living or if you prefer a compact and portable furry friend.


Miniature Cavoodle

The Miniature Cavoodle is a bit larger than the Toy variety, weighing between 5.4 to 11.3 kgs (12 to 25 pounds) and standing around 30 to 38 centimeters (12 to 15 inches) tall. They strike a balance between being small enough for indoor living and large enough to handle outdoor adventures.

This is the size of Little Miss Polly, she currently weighs about 6.5kg and is around 30cm from the ground to the top of the back. For us, she’s been the perfect size, not too small and not too big. When it comes to going to a Pet Resort, her weight means she fits into a small dog resort for dogs up to 10kg.


Standard Cavoodle

The largest of the Cavoodle sizes, the Standard Cavoodle, can weigh between 11.3 to 20.4 kgs (25 to 45 pounds) and stand approximately 38 to 51 centimeters (15 to 20 inches) tall. Despite being bigger, they’re still considered small to medium-sized dogs, making them suitable for various living situations, from apartments to spacious homes.


Factors Affecting Size

Parental Breeds

The size of a Cavoodle can be influenced by the size of its parent breeds. For example, if a Cavoodle has a Toy Poodle parent, it’s likely to be smaller, while a Miniature or Standard Poodle parent will contribute to a larger Cavoodle.


Individual Genetics

Like any crossbreed, Cavoodles can exhibit variations in size due to individual genetics. Some Cavoodles may take after one parent more than the other in terms of size.


Health and Nutrition

Proper nutrition during a Cavoodle’s growth stage is essential to ensure they reach their full potential size. Providing a balanced diet and Cavoodle maintaining a healthy lifestyle can contribute to their overall growth and development.


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Age and Development

Cavoodles, like all dogs, go through various Cavoodle growth stages. They will experience the most significant growth during their first year, with their size stabilizing as they mature.



When considering a Cavoodle as your furry companion, it’s good to know that they come in different sizes, from the tiny Toy Cavoodle to the larger Standard Cavoodle. Understanding the variations in size can help you choose the right fit for your living situation and lifestyle.

Whether you opt for a pint-sized cuddler or a medium-sized adventurer, one thing is certain – Cavoodles are guaranteed to steal your heart with their adorable looks and affectionate personalities, no matter their size!

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